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Baby blanket, it must be done.

Now that I’ve finished my dish cloths and I can’t put it off any longer, it’s time to get started on the baby’s blanket. I’m 27 weeks pregnant now and I really need to get going with this so that I have enough time to finish it.

This is going to be my 3rd child and I’ve made blankets for my other two so I suppose I have to make one for this baby too. ;P
For my son, who is now 5, I made this…


For my daughter, who just turned 2, I made this…


So at this point I’m getting quite tired of squares and I wanted to do something different, but what? :/

I have quite a collection of crochet book so I figured I might as well take my inspiration from there. In “The Crochet Bible” I was looking at textured stitches and this caught my eye.


It’s called Multi-coloured tweed stitch. I love the way this pattern looks and I decided to make it in 100% cotton. I ended up picking some Cottonsoft DK by King Cole. This is what I got so far using the 3 colors I chose.


I absolute love it! It will be a job to hide all those strings after (my pet peeve)!

But it sure is lovely!


If you are interested in this pattern and lots of other great patterns like it you can get “The Crochet Bible” here.
I absolutely LOVE this book, it has sooo many great textured patterns in it.



Waste not…worry about the rest later.

So I decided that I want to do away with the washing up sponges. It was never something my mother used and I had read an article saying how bacteria live in them. The article said you would have to use a fresh one each day for the bacteria not to cultivate. To me that seemed so wasteful and besides I like the idea of choosing my own colors for my kitchen, another chance to accessorize.

I had a really old vintage crochet magazine with a pattern for a pot holder in it. I thought I could so make this in to my reusable dishcloths. After a few days spent rewriting it I came out with this..
Now that I’ve made a few I’m all set up to go on without sponges. Makes me feel like I’m doing my bit to be Eco friendly!
If you would like to go Eco with your washing up as well you can purchase my pattern from Etsy for only £1.50 by pressing this link…

Thank you! 😀

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